Win a bicycle on the World Car Free Day

If someone asked what green means to us, this is what we would respond: green is not a trend, neither a fashion, it is not a commercial practice or a marketing strategy, being green means caring about the environment. We simply care about the Nature and want to make all the effort to plant more trees, to consume less energy and other natural resources (water, paper etc.). And no matter the theories, planet Earth, and namely the humanity, needs urgent ecological solutions. That is why we are among the first supporters of the global movement World Car Free Day, celebrated on September 22nd, when more and more citizens give up on their cars for one day and choose walking or riding a bicycle.

Starting with the 1st of August, we launch the contest: “Win a bicycle on the World Car Free Day”. We would be glad to make out of this event a tradition, because we are already at the third edition. And we have the support of our Romanian friends, Biciclop, and our mates from Kross (Moldova). And so, the contest is being held in almost all the coffee shops from Romania and within all the chain Tucano Coffee Moldova (you can check the list of locations below).

How do you enter the contest? All you need for this is to enjoy a glass of Cold Brew Tonic. As simple as that. You may enroll in the raffle with the receipt you get after the purchased drink. Write down your contact details on its backside. The best thing about this contest is, that you can enter it as many times as you want, increasing your chances to win with every enjoyed Cold Brew Tonic. We encourage you to discover our regulation on Facebook pages of your local coffee shop . Just remember: the raffle will be held on the 22nd of September, the day you can get lucky.

Having a bike is very comfortable, healthy and money saving. Those who have bikes already know this. Furthermore, we know that either you already have a bike, or especially if you win it in the Tucano Coffee contest, you fall in love with it forever. Because the bike becomes a part of you. Enter the contest and try your chances to win a bicycle. We will always be here for you. Good luck!

*List of participating coffee shops:

Tucano Coffee Guatemala, București city, Calea Dorobanților, 18 st.;
Tucano Coffee Madagascar, București city, AFI Park, 4&5,
Tucano Coffee Peru, Brașov city, Zaharia Stancu, 1 (Coresi Shopping Resort);
Tucano Coffee Mexico, Timișoaracity, Emanoil Ungureanu nr. 2 st.
Tucano Coffee Puerto-Rico, Cluj-Napoca city, Eroilor 19 avenue.

Moldova: the entire network is participating.


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