Why do people climb mountains? || Andrei Hohlov || Tucano Coffee Talks

We are surrounded by enough people that choose to dedicate themselves at all 100 % to  their passion. Their standings inspire and motivate us. With this video we want to start a tradition to host people with beautiful souls and invite them to talk about their interesting experience. That is why we have invited Andrei on the first hand, and the second reason is that he will guide us on climbing the Moldoveanu mountain. What do you mean “you didn’t know”? Yes, we, all the members of the Tucano Global team, want to conquer the highest peak in Romania.

Andrei Hohlov is a climber, marathon runner and the founder of the project exitpoint.md. His project, by the way, is a real school for climbers, which organizes mountain trips. He has also founded The Mountain Club of Republic of Moldova. He traveled over 100 mountain trails all over the world, because Andrei loves to explore the limits and thinks that living is very alike creating.

In the video below you’ll find a part of our discussions. We’ve skipped the moments when we were talking about our mountain climbing and left only those sequences when we focus on revelations and wow experience. If you are interested in getting an uncut version of this video, please, write us and we’ll send it to you.

More about our trip wrote our admiral, Ruslan Cojocaru:

“Together with the team, we’ve decided to climb Moldoveanu, the highest peak in Romania. We’ll start from the Bâlea Lake and during 2 days we’ll even have a camping night in the mountains. It will not be easy, it’s a consumptive and risky trail. We can encounter steep ascents, torrential rains and even thunders. But nothing strengthens a group of people as much as difficulties and a common goal. Such experiences are unforgettable. I am really glad that everyone accepted this challenge. Let the trainings begin!” 🙂



Tucano Coffee Talks: Andrei Hohlov

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