Where there isn’t love, there is nothing…

Do you still remember that moment when you fell in love after the first kiss?
Those butterflies in the stomach that stir even the most mysterious experiences of your soul?
That excitement and those thrills when you think of the first touch of your lips?

Well, that’s how we created the magic drink – Cloudy Latte.

Involving emotion. Feeling. Love at first sip.

The method of preparation is simple and … magnificent. The dance of coconut flakes and blue tea blends with dissolved sugar and almond essence, thus becoming a whole thing. Just like the hearts of two lovers, right?

What is the first thought when you think of something sweet and fluffy?
What is the taste of love and warmth of soul?
What’s your favorite drink from now on?

The answer is obvious ❤️
Love.Peace.Cloudy Latte.

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