What will share Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Romania & Russia?

Happiness is a state of activity. (Aristotle)

This statement describes perfectly the reason why we are such a happy family. Even if the first month of the year is considered to be a slow one, we try to keep us in a good shape and to be active. We grabbed some manuals, good intentions and some magic and organized a training program for our Partners from Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Romania & Russia.

Of course, we managed to do a lot during the program. Our Partners, who fell in love with our style and values and decided to open a new coffee shop in their region, had the opportunity to walk through the backstage of our kitchen and even to do something on their own.

So, our Partners put their barista aprons on, rumbled through some dishes and discovered how to make a perfect coffee that will impress our guests. They have also visited the only Roastery we have in Moldova, which, by the way, was designed by Tucano Coffee.

We also had a lot of fun. We did some gymnastics, find out how Kyrgyzstan dance looks like and read poetry enjoying the flavor of coffee.  

Initial Training for Partners (5)

At the end of the training program, Andrei, our Partner from Cyprus, told us amazing things, that prove the efficiency of our trainings:

“Finally I have discovered the mysterious world of coffee. Many people don’t even know what a difficult, with lots of obstacles, journey coffee beans have to pass through, until they get to our cups. Starting with the manual picking of beans and ending with that positive atmosphere and beauty of the region where they grow, things that we can really feel in our Specialty Arabica coffee cups”.

Our training programs aren’t over yet. Soon we’ll have guests & Partners from other beautiful countries, that you’ll get to know for sure.

Initial Training for Partners (2)

    1. Hello, Billy
      unfortunatelly, we do not have a service of online payment, but we are working on making it possible and we think that we’ll have it done till the end of the year, at least we hope so. But, because we want to do cool things for our Guests, we’ve decided to offer your friend from Chisinau a free cup of coffee, as a gift from you. Please, write us at v.neaga@tucanocoffee.com and give us your friend’s contacts (Facebook page or phone). We’ll invite him to pass by and enjoy his/her coffee-gift.

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