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What brings people together? A common vision, some shared emotions and, of course, the passion for similar activities. This edition of the simple and friendly project, named Tucano Coffee Talks is about self-knowledge.

Our guest, Igor Babilev, is a Yoga practitioner who became an instructor. He didn’t fall in love with Yoga that easy, but when he did it, it was for a long time. If we had just a small part of Igor’s energy and passion, we surely would get very far in our achievements.

There are many answers for the question “what is Yoga?”. Everyone has his own answer and so does Igor. But we are inclined to think, that his answer is the closest to reality. Yoga isn’t a sect, or a practice, where people swallow embers or swards. It’s a harmony you get in time. Yoga is an attitude towards all the things around us.

“Apparently, Yoga can make you stronger, more flexible and more resistant. After a while, you realize, that you are getting more peaceful, balanced and ready to discover the perfect harmony”, says Igor.

Discover the amazing world of Yoga. Find out what is the difference between Yoga, Pilates and Acroyoga, how you can get to know yourself better, what the philosophy of Yoga is, what’s the difference between some local Yoga schools, how to fight the back pain, what the purpose of meditations is and discover some ways to practice them. We invite you to watch our complex discussion about the curative effects of Yoga. Enjoy the video!


Tucano Coffee Talks: What is Yoga about?

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