What is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over (or Hario) is an alternative method for brewing coffee which appeared long time ago in Japan, though he gathered worldwide fame only recently.
Pour over was invented by Japanese in 1908, though it became popular only 100 years later. First the wave of popularity swept through The United States, and then, with a hype over organic food, nature resources and everything genuine it became famous in Europe. The love for pour over is easily explained with a fact, that this method is the only method that doesn`t change authentic flavor of the coffee. That is why everyone who prefers pristine, unchanged and 100% natural flavor of the brew, drinks pour over.

What is used for making a pour over?

Beans. Only freshly roasted 100% specialty Arabica is used, and it is grinded for perfect milling. Any monosort can be brewed according to the personal taste.

Dripper or a funnel. Funnel is an ideal instrument for extracting the most flavor and aroma out of a coffee. Inner sides of a funnel have riffled shape, providing the filter, which is being put inside, with an oxygen for coffee. Funnels can be made out of plastic, ceramic and glass. Last ones are the most beautiful, because you can see the whole process of brewing. Ceramic ones are the best for preserving the heat, not letting water to cool down.

Paper filter. The special paper filter with a side seam is used for brewing. With its help fresh-ground coffee stays in the funnel.

Teapot. Teapot must be made out of stainless steel with peculiar curved spout, which results in a steady and long stream of water. Teapot for pour over exists in two variations: electronic (our choice) guarantees the quickest bowling of water, and simple teapot that can be used on any stove and doesn`t need electric power.

Water. The optimal temperature of water for pour over is 92-96º Celsius. First we need to moisten paper filter with water, it is necessary for eliminating “paper taste” which can stick to coffee during the process of brewing. Besides, moistening of filter helps it firmly stick to the sides of a funnel. Then water is dripped on the freshly grinded coffee with slow spiral motions, starting from the edges towards the center for even extracting of coffee and better revealing of genuine aroma of coffee beans.

Coffee pot. Any vessel that can hold a funnel with a filter and grinded coffee and can be served, will be good enough as a coffee pot

Time. Amount of time for water to get through freshly grinded coffee also affects flavor of the drink. If we drag the extraction of coffee, the taste will have strong bitterness and the brew will be over-extracted. If extraction will be short, coffee will be watery and unbalanced.


Pour Over Coffee

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