We stand for a modern level of service: self-service

We are pleased to announce that Tucano Coffee Family is getting bigger.
We want to grow up to 300 coffee shops all over the world, to be closer to you, wherever you are. Are you ready to meet us? 🙂

And that’s why we’ve prepared a worldwide way of serving.
Self-service is faster and guest-focused.

The first coffee shop which will offer you a self-service experience is Tucano Coffe Kenya, placed on 1/3 Moscova av. in Chişinău.

Do you wonder how this is going to work?
First of all you’ll get your order faster. Communication will reach a new level.
You’ll be able to order directly from the barista, and also tracking and picking the order yourself. Which will make things go faster.

All you need to do is to place your order at the counter, to pay it and when it is ready, just after a few minutes, you will be announced to pick it.

Up next, it is the time to enjoy the most pleasant moment of your visit, over a cup of excellent Specialty Arabica coffee, having fun with your friends or reading your favorite book.

Let’s welcome self-service.
By the way, don’t you miss that irresistble flavour of freshly roasted Specialty Arabica coffee?
See you in Tucano!

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