Values and Team ;)

What is it like to be a member of Tucano Coffee family?
How is it to implement the philosophy of Love.Peace.Coffee day by day?
What is it like to be part of the Tucano Coffee Global team?

We ask ourselves all those questions when we need inspiration in order to put the wheels in motion: coloring the world with love and smiles.

The quarterly questionnaire, which measures the happiness of our team members, conceals the following answers to the question: “Why would you recommend Tucano Coffee as an employer to other friends of yours?”

“Because it is nice to give joy to the people who come to us!”
“For the bright people working and coming here, and no doubt – for the extraordinary coffee”.
“Because here is where you feel the love of both the products and the relationship with the Guests”.
“Because at Tucano Coffee you feel at home with many friends around”.

These answers give us even greater confidence in the fact that the team shares the common values ​​of WOW, OPEN, TEAM, GREEN, and SIMPLE.

These values ​​help us conquer the heights on the road to the Tucano Coffee constellation either when we celebrate an anniversary when we go to hiking or rafting when we look at our childhood photos or embrace a sad colleague.

Tucano Coffee is the place where we are all for one and one for all as if it were a multi-body soul.

Have a day full of love and peace of mind ❤️

P.S.: the above-mentioned picture represents a mockup of the Tucano Coffee Global wall while entering our place.

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