Today, goodness and love mean much more than ever. We began to support each other, more often call relatives and friends, discovere new channels of communication. The way society goes through #Covid-19 is a part of our life that gets into everyone’s history of life.
For Tucano Coffee, this crisis led to the closing of all coffee shops and the transition to new modes of operation for some of them.

The story of Tucano Coffee is not over either. During the struggle, our teams, partners and friends contributed. We have given to the world love and peace and believe that our efforts were necessary and useful. Moreover, everyone continues to perform miracles by refuting and protesting against the saying: “Everyone for Themselves”.


We looked back today and we saw how much good things happened in the past four weeks, so much that we want to share it with you.
Tucano Coffee Madagascar, Bucharest together with Asociatia Faptelor Bune ( Association of Good Deeds) Romania sent 100 liters of milk and 15 liters of yoghurt and a donation of 300 RON to pensioners. 50 liters of milk was given to families from a settlement near the city of Bucharest. 10 kg of coffee still energizes doctors who are fighting on the front lines.

Coffee shops in Romania collected hearts on social media, which subsequently turned into donations to hospitals.

The team of Tucano Coffee Venezuela, Timisoara set up a campaign in support of doctors. They collected good wishes from guests which were later handed over to hospital staff. In addition, they sent croissants, our specialty escargots with raisins, as well as coffee grains to Victor Babeș Hospital (Victor Babesh) in Timisoara. And everyone who passed by at the beginning of the quarantine received an immuno charge in free cups of fresh juices. 

The team of Tucano Coffee in Brasov donated 115 litres of milk to the Bucuria Darului Association (Joy of Gifts) in Brasov and delivered 35 liters of milk to the families in need.

The team of Tucano Coffee Sibiu has contributed to the ‘’Touching Lives For Jesus Ministry Romania” – the association works to help families in need in the city of Sibiu. They donated 100 liters of milk and another 135 litres to Crucea Rosie Sibiu which were also sent to indigent families.

Tucano Coffee Sinai donated 1000 RON to the hospital in their town.

Tucano Coffee in Dorobanti was brought to the hospital Matei Bals coffee and fruits for a total sum of 3000 RON and 1000 Drip Packs and 5 cheesecakes to the Viktor Babesh Hospital of Bucharest city.


Tucano Coffee Moldova supplied all guests with ginger shots, preparing 2,060 shots and giving the doctors energy and heat in each of the 1,240 cups of coffee, which were daily supplied to the hospitals of Chisinau.


Friends – you are heroes of our time, we thank everyone for the contribution you have made to the struggle for love and kindness.


Life goes on, we continue to share peace & kindness and hope that very soon we will see each and every one of you!

Let’s spread Love❤️ , Peace ☮️& Hope!


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