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Wine and coffee are very similar in its philosophy. Grape as well as coffee grows in more than 40 countries of the world, has different taste and bouquet depending on country of growth, soil, climate and other factors. A glass of wine as well as a cup of coffee is a ritual that unites people, inspires and invites into a conversation. A glass of wine in the evening helps to relax, take mind off every day worries and have a rest.

We opened our coffee shop Tucano Coffee Kenya in Moldova in a new format for us – Coffee&Wine. In the evenings the coffee shop operates as a wine bar.

While creating a wine list we collaborated with one of the best sommeliers in Moldova – Mihai Druza, chairman of Sommelier Association of Moldova. We decided to include in the list only Moldavian wines, thereby promoting culture of Moldavian wine.
We are also #WineFriendly certified by Wine of Moldova. We uphold all the standards of storage and serving wine, we have special equipment and glassware. And our baristas received training from sommelier Mihai.

Along with opening of the coffee shop of a new format, a new project was born – Art&Wine. These are the series of master classes which include wine testing under the guidance of the sommelier, and drawing lesson with an artist. Wine and drawing theme changes at every master class.
We also give this master class for the closed group of people who want to celebrate their birthday, hold teambuilding or just gather with friends and spend time together.
Tucano Coffee Kenya waits for everyone who wants to get to know the best Moldavian wines, at the address: Moscow boulevard 1/4, Chisinau, Moldova.


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