Tucano Coffee team spirit

No matter how many stories you hear about the beauties of the world, it is wonderful only when you see them with your own eyes. This principle works in many cases. We can study and learn many theories, but if we don’t apply our knowledge in a real environment, we can’t enjoy the delight of knowledge.

At Tucano Coffee, we’ve created a training program based on this principle. We want to share the Tucano experience, live, with our Partners and teams who plan to open a new coffee shop. Even if we do have excellent elaborated guidelines, we share this experience through generations (from a coffee shop to another) :). That is how new teams are inspired by those who are already serving our guests.

Our training program lasts two weeks, and its purpose is to educate Partners, barista and all the team in cultivating our wow, friendly & simple atmosphere, so familiar for Tucano Coffee shops. And this only happens after they discover by themselves how is a flavored Arabica Specialty coffee brewed, how they can serve better and how they can put heart and soul into all the work. That is how team spirit is formed.

At the end of November we ran a training program for Tucano Coffee Cluj team. During 2 weeks, we hosted guests from Romania and shared with them everything we know.

For more little secrets watch the testimonial below. Enjoy!

author: Victor Neaga


Tucano Coffee team spirit

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