Tucano Coffee Talks: CIS development

Our passion for coffee is that tiny, but powerful engine which inspires us to dream big and to follow our purpose to conquer the world. Day by day, we are driven by the desire to spread our philosophy Love.Peace.Coffee. within the countries and cities we visit. By the way, speaking about journeys. We love traveling very much, because every city we visit inspires us, tells us amazing stories and helps us discover new cultures, people and beauties. And that’s what exactly happened in Saint Petersburg.

A city that has open like a book to us and showed us its rich urban culture. A city, that we are talking about every day, because we plan to open a Tucano Coffee shop in there. And we have a lot of things to do in order to accomplish this goal. It’s not that easy, but we are working on it. That’s why we put together all our thoughts in this video presentation. Please, take it as a dialogue. Because all we want is to share with you even some strategical ideas for 2017.

We open communication. 🙂



Tucano Coffee Talks

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