Tucano Coffee Petersburg and our August sales [infographic]

August and September were full of events. The whole Tucano Coffee global team was busy with the works on the opening of three new coffee shops: in Saint Petersburg, Barnaul and Bishkek. Renovation, interior design, equipment, furniture, training of the teams, raw stock for the products, menu, planning of the events for the opening, tableware, installations, verifications, weekly trips of our experts to the coffee shops to open, figures, figures, figures, promotion, hundreds of letters, calls and meetings… these are just a few of all the things that kept us tensed in the last months, but it was worth it 😉

On the 24th of September we had the soft-opening in Petersburg. It was great! We organized a masterclass for our friends from Saint Petersburg, where we invited some instagrammers and local bloggers. You can see, for example, what said later the blogger Malka Lorenz and the instagrammers snova_nastia and nastyaskvirya about us.

In October we will have two other openings, mentioned above. And in November we are hosting new teams for two weeks of training: Oradea, Berlin, Munich and from one of the beautiful cities of Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


And, traditionally, we present you the infographic (august) with the annual and monthly results.

  • We exceeded 2 mln euros of sales within the whole chain.
  • We are still registering positive results of sales growth in 2017 comparing to 2016, with 15.72% for August. This is due both to the improved intern processes of work and to the summer promo campaigns and the growth of the brand awareness in Romania.
  • Moldova registered a growth of +7.72% and Romania +23.24%.

infographic tucano coffee august


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