Tucano Coffee Digest – september

Here, from where I am writing, September came with a lot of fruit, vegetables, with backpacks and yellow leaves on the streets.

Together with the cold weather, we decided to switch to a new menu – warmer, more consistent, with more calories, to get used better to the weather changes outside 😛

We introduced the lavender cheesecake, the carrot tart (Moldova, Romania), Lovender Raf and more other goodies.


Technical break.
Starting september, we introduced new cups in the coffee shop. How do they differ? Besides the new design, which is less visually loaded, the cups purchased from Inker, this time, have double inwalls, which allow to keep the temperature of the beverage longer. But, the most important thing is, that the new cups have international standard volume. With the past ones, sometimes it was complicated to obtain the wanted coffee taste.


To continue developing the Specialty Coffee in our chain, we introduced the option to order the classic coffee drinks on mono-origins.
Explaining: usually, these beverages are made on a mix of beans, to get a classical balanced taste. But the philosophy Specialty Coffee emphasizes the possibility of feeling the pure taste of a coffee origin. This (the taste) becomes richer, we can feel better the sourness specific to a coffee grown properly, roasted and prepared and the natural aroma. Actually, we serve the coffee on the Costa Rica mono-origin, but soon we will change it to the Ethiopian. We recommend you to use this opportunity only for the drinks without milk. Otherwise, you will barely feel the difference between the mono-origin and the classical mix.

What else?

  • We attended the PIR Expo in Moscow – see the post on facebook.
  • We launched the delivery service in Chisinau, with the option of online ordering.
  • We opened the coffee shop in Saint Petersburg. Look here what a wonderful Instagram the guys already have.
  • We train now the future partners from Berlin.
  • We are ready for Halloween and we are waiting for you with a Spooky menu. 😉



And, the traditional infographic for the month of September. We prepared over 65 thousands of coffee cups, this is wow! And comparing to the same month of the previous year, the sales from this year increased with approx. 7%.

infographic tucano coffee september

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