Tucano Coffee Digest – october

October reminded us, that the year will soon end. But, though we are almost at the finish of 2017, it is too early for us to sum up our work. We are still working hard to improve all the directions and we are far from making conclusions.

There are a lot of complex questions, that are still in our way:

  • how to keep the brand alive, consequent and attractive for guests?
  • how can we offer a maximally qualitative support to our existing partners?
  • what strategy of development to chose?
  • on what markets to concentrate more?
  • how does the final concept of the coffee shop have to be, to match as many markets as possible?
  • how to organize as soon as possible a systematic work, based on rules, standards, processes, priorities, goals and performance indicators?

But the goal and the direction is clear, this helps us all the time we are deflecting from the right direction (and we do), to come back to the right path: having the best atmosphere, qualitative products, creative coffee space – a place that makes people better, 300 coffee shops, green-eco.

What happened new in October?

We organized trainings for the partners from Munich.

We launched a new goodie – Lovender Raf.

We got ready the visual concept for the winter holidays and we
implementing it. In December you will see the results.

We had a super atmosphere for Halloween 🙂


And here are the results for the October month. All in all,
we have an increase in sales vs. 2016 of +7.65%.

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