Treasure Hunting in Colombia

In June, we heard stories of a $17 billion shipwreck being discovered in the waters of Colombia. This could mean only one thing – the story was true. 

You see, rumours of a coffee so exquisite it would leave everyone craving more were circulating for years in the industry. The problem was that the name and location of the farm were written on a piece of paper sunk too long ago for anyone to remember. When the time came for modern discoverers to find the lost vessel, we knew that amongst the gold, silver and jewels, there would be something even more wanted – the secret whereabouts of the Treasure Edition Colombia Coffee.

With a tasting profile that includes strawberries, pineapple, guava and vermouth, you will treasure (pun intended) the aftertaste for long after the coffee has left your mouth.

The provenance of the coffee is Nariño, one of Colombia’s 32 Departments. Although Nariño is home to thousands of smallholder coffee producing families, we were interested in one particular family’s farm – the Torres family. 

Frank, Juan Angel, Gabriel, and Yorgeny are four siblings that inherited the farm from their grandfather, who was one of the first people to cultivate coffee in the region more than 80 years ago. No wonder! Nariño’s fertile soils and proximity to the Andean mountain range make it the perfect place for high-grown Arabica production. 

Now you know why the new Colombia Coffee is worth treasuring every second. So try it out and indulge in an imaginary trip to Nariño on the weekend or give it as a gift to a special coffee lover in your life. 

*Some elements of this story are fictional (or not? guess we’ll never know) and should be treated accordingly. However, the coffee origins mentioned as well as the Torres family are as real as it gets. Read more about them here – https://bit.ly/3bYJ9Ng

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