Why we aim to be transparent.


I’m Ana, quality manager at Tucano Coffee. And today I’d like to tell you a bit more about why Tucano Coffee is a transparent brand. 

We carefully curate and prepare each product, adding in a good portion of love for each recipe. All Tucano Coffee partners and employees promote the practice of asking for feedback and recommendations, receiving constructive criticism with an open mind and of course – enjoying the praise from customers when it’s well-earned!  

It is you, our dear guest, who helps us become better and improve. This is why transparency is key to us – whether it’s the feedback you tell the baristas, your reviews on social media or the stars you leave us on Google Maps. 

The way we process feedback is by redirecting it towards the heads of the corresponding department in search of a solution. Once received, the feedback is turned into a task, so that it can contribute to improving our processes. We review feedback on a monthly basis in order to assess whether the situations have been sorted out. 

We are lucky to have a helpmate like you because you can evaluate our processes from a different perspective. Your opinion is important and we would like to hear from you as much as possible! Below, you can find a list with all the channels where you can express your views on our activity and products:  

1- www.tucanorate.com – this is a website where you can leave us a rating in the form of either a smiley or a sad face, along with any comments that you may wish to add. 

2- The social media pages of the locations – here, you can leave reviews and comments. Find the link to the location pages below.

3- Google Maps reviews – Google reviews are especially important to those who are yet to familiarise themselves with the Tucano Universe. This can help new guests find out about the location, address, menu and prices of the coffee shop.  To us and our partners – this is an opportunity to review each specific location’s performance. 

4-  Reviews inside the Tucano Friends App. When placing an order in the app, a form will pop up requiring you to evaluate the product received and our superheroes’ service. 

5- Direct messages! Speak to us online, offline, even from space, if you will. We take every feedback into account. 

6- Write me an e-mail at a.gudumac@tucanocoffee.com and tell me how I could help you and improve the processes in Tucano Coffee. 

Your opinion matters to us, we are transparent, and we always strive for perfection.


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