The transformation of Tucano Coffee Brazil

Waiting for spring, we tried to anticipate the beautiful weather and started some changes. We want to offer our Tucano Brazil guests and team that feeling of spring changes and enhancements.
The truth is, our flagship, the two-store coffee shop situated at the crossroad of B.Bodoni and Alexandru cel Bun Street (Chişinău, Moldova), needed for a long time a sketchy renovation.

We’ve started with the facade of the coffee shop: we removed the sunburned patterns of the second floor panels and replaced the ones from the first floor. Then, we dismantled all the useless installations and replaced old logos with the new ones.
Because we want to give a warm welcome to our guests And when it gets warmer outside, we’ll certainly paint the facade and renew the terrace fence. We also designed a brand new and special lightening for this coffee shop.

(our new logo and changed pattern)

Meanwhile, we’ve decided that the interior required a refresh, at least on the second floor. And we haven’t only painted the walls, we’ve used, for the first time, in our coffee chain a new technology: fiberglass wallpaper. It’s a special surface that can be painted and it gives the walls an additional resistance, but also, a very pleasant texture.

We’ve also reinforced all coming out corners with corner guards. We rearranged the space and removed all obsolete spotlights for pictures. Soon, we’ll change all the power outlets because all of us have devices and we use them a lot for work or communicating with friends. Also, we have installed new projectors for picture lighting and replace the brand portraits from the walls.

Last but not least, we’ll replace the brand pattern from the walls. What will replace them remains, for now, a mystery to you.
Come and visit Tucano Coffee Brazil and appreciate our latest changes.


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