The school of Elena Postolachi

I was more worried for Găbița… You know, the parents, we always want to be the best, for whom? For our children, to be an example, a role model; and today I was worried mostly for how will it go at school, how will it be in the classroom, how I look, for her not to be ashamed of me.

You know, one was asked once: ”What heroical act did you do?” And he replied: ”If during 40 years, every morning, I wake up at a specific time and I do my work, isn’t it an heroical act?” And I was thinking today of you, just not to write about me, that I woke up at 4.

I always wake up at 5 and it happens, that I wake up even at 4, you know, I live with children’s feelings and with their worries..

Yesterday I spent 12 hours with the children. I was wondering today, that landlords used to exploit us over 14 hours a day and we always complained about this, but now we are voluntary exploiting ourselves.

It was always like this, with kids and kids, my whole life. My profession is called defectologist-logopedist. In ‘80 I started working in Soroca and since ‘94 I am here. There used to be, in this boarding school, more than 800 homeless children. I worked 7 years in the administration and when I was on my duty day I was even sleeping here. In summer I was working in our summer camp. And it was always like this, a lot of work, work, work, concernment and responsibility.

Now I am a teacher of primary classes and form master for secondary classes. Just try to see what it means to take a child from the street and teach him to write, to read. It is very hard to do. A teacher from an ordinary school once told me: “Well, we direct children, but you form them”.

We, the teachers from here, we were used otherwise. We have always had other types of children and we have a different approach to their parents, we explain them and talk to them otherwise. Some parents say they had tears of joy, that their daughter really liked and wanted and trembled, just not be moved to another school. ”If they move, then only with Mrs. Elena”.

I had a lot of occurrences, each of them stranger than another. Lilica, a little girl, was found in a hole in the forest and was brought here. After this, she was adopted and taken in a family.  Another little boy has almost frozen here, on a branch, and I took him in my class.

Wanting to make more money, never! No no no noooooo, I was never tempted by money, never wanted even to go to work neither at a private clinic, nor in Italy.

I actually wanted to learn Physics, to work with formulas, but our teacher at school changed and… hey, I like working with children.  

If I have enough money, well… You provoked me now… and so, that we spoke about Italy before, I was once saying, that I would rather stay on the apron and drink tea without sugar, but I’ll never go to Italy to serve someone. But now, people say, that the tea is more expensive than the sugar, so I think I will drink water with sugar.

Without kids, no! I can’t, I can not, no-no-no, I am only with children, I can not live without children. The only thing, that would ever make me leave the school, would be to stay with my grandchildren, this is the motivation.

If I am a happy woman… well, how can I tell you, happiness is such a relative notion, you know, if on a specific day you sleep well, take a shower, wander on the streets, the sun comes out, then you are happy.

Happiness is, you know, when everybody is healthy, you know, this is the biggest happiness and fulfilment. Just yesterday I was asking my husband, what else can you ask from life? You have to thank God everyday that you can walk on your feet, eat and you even want to drink a glass of wine so, aren’t you happy? So much sorrow and so much sufferance there is… what, isn’t it so? I don’t know, why shouldn’t I be happy?

It crushes me that I have only a child. After the first baby, I was building the house, I had to put up the ceiling, to loam, I was anguishing, my mother was sick, I didn’t have time…

Oh, you ask me what love is, love is a biiiiiig thing, love for your country, love for your mother, love for books, love for children, love between a man and a woman, look how many aspects love has. What is it for me… for me it is the attitude, nothing distinguishes a person like the attitude, the kind attitude, patience – this is also love. To have the will! To want – this is love!

I never suffered, that my parents were older. I am a late child, my mother gave birth to me, when she was 45 years. But, you know, at the countryside it isn’t so noticeable, everyone has anguished faces. My parents were tamer and I saw patience in my family and then, you know, people at the countryside were wiser before.

After time passed, I understood that I came with a mission. You know, I took care of them, I stayed with my mother in Soroca, we took her at our place. This mission, of taking care of my mother and father. I didn’t suffer at all, quite the contrary, I consider, that I had a calm, moderate role model of parents, not stormy.

Nowadays parents lack values. You know, in my life when I had money, I was just like you see me and then, when I didn’t have money I stayed still the same and then, again I had money and I wasn’t changing at all.

Am I happy? Now? Today? Why wouldn’t I be? I am happy and I am fulfilled!”


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