The girl with bang and books

It is beautiful when the trees are in bud and begin to bloom. It is beautiful when after a hard workout, your body is out of power, perspired, but truly happy. It is beautiful when on your wall friends are sharing new books, movies or interesting websites. There are many beautiful things. For us, one of the most beautiful things is when we receive such letters. A message written from the heart. Mihaela, thank you so much for this letter and be sure, we are always waiting for you in our coffee shops.

I’m just a client of the Tucano Coffee chain, but for me, Tucano is more than a coffee shop, where I meet my friends or enjoy my coffee. It became a soul place for me, where I can come over with 50 lei in my pocket and a book. That’s all I need for a great mood.

When I say Tucano I’m referring to all team-buildings that I have organized or will organize here. Tucano is a place where I feel confident and always surrounded by light. Here, I laughed and I cried. I have lost and I have found at Tucano.

With this message (if it ever gets read) I want to thank a million times the administration and the creators of this coffee shop chain. The waiters are so friendly and funny and can easily become your friends. I am so glad that Tucano have created its own culture. There is no need to ask ourselves: where do we meet today? Everyone already knows that Tucano is the right place. Here, I have spent the most beautiful moments, I’ve read the best books and I’ve enjoyed the best coffee.

When I entered Tucano the first time I was 12 years old. I was with my mother and we had two Babyccinos and bought two pens with Tucano Coffee logo. Every time I visit Tucano Coffee (in mall or downtown) I have a lot of nostalgic feelings about the moments I’ve spent in Tucano from the beginning till today. We seldom feel so confident being surrounded by strangers.

Thank You.Love.Peace.Coffee.

Sincerely yours,
Mihaela (the girl with bang and books)”


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