Blue walls and 10 years full of coffee

10 years ago, in a well-hidden corner between East and West, the city of Chisinau witnessed the first blue wall of a coffee-shop. Why do we mention this detail? 

Because the wall was just one of the first less travelled roads we have taken. They say old habits die hard – no surprise then that our wall hasn’t changed its colour to this very day. Full of colour and the courage to experiment – that’s who we’ve been for 10 years now. 

The first Tucano coffee shop came with some novel concepts attached to it. Chatting with the barista. Design. The combination of rock’n’roll and hippie culture. The endless variety of cheesecakes. And last but not least – Specialty Coffee. While our suppliers were planting coffee trees at high altitudes in Africa and Latin America, we were gradually planting the coffee culture in Chisinau. Then in Dubai. Then Bucharest. Good thing we started counting. If it weren’t for the exact figures “engraved” in Excel spreadsheets, we wouldn’t believe that we reached over 20 locations in Romania, 5 in Moldova and tens of thousands of cups of coffee sold annually. 

We ought to thank our one and only coffee which introduced us to so many fantastic people. The Love.Peace.Coffee. universe has stretched far beyond our initial horizons and has connected so many destinies.

It’s over a cup of coffee that we met you, our dear guest. 

It’s over coffee that you met your friends and even your other better half.

It’s over coffee that you signed the most important contract of your life.

For 10 years, Tucano Coffee has been gathering all of us together in a world full of Love.Peace.Coffee. 

10 years of Tucano, 10 years of you!

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