Let’s SWAP!

SWAP is the new type of fun, socializing and creating a new community that cares about the environment. SWAP is an event where good people gather and exchange things, they can be objects, clothes, books and any object that can be changed.

The first SWAP was launched in 1994 in San Francisco by Suzanne Agasi, who organized a clothing swap. SWAP is a barter, a more advanced form of barter, but this exchange of objects also has a surprise effect.

Recently, in Chisinau, Tucano Coffee organized the first book SWAP. The guests of the location found out about the event through social networks and participated enthusiastically in this project, exchanging books with the other guests.

This event involves not only the exchange of things, but also a communication between guests, where everyone can find new friends. There are books that are in great demand and they have found their master. During the event, the participants approached themes and literary motives and had the opportunity to go home not only with new books, but also with some discoveries from the world of literature.

SWAP will be a tradition for us and we are waiting for you with great pleasure in our locations to exchange experiences, objects and plants.

Follow us on the social pages and in the application to find out more about future events.

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