Summer of Love

Fifty years ago, in San Francisco, was held the biggest social phenomenon dedicated to love, peace and music. Summer of Love gathered together in 1967 over 100 000 young people, who embraced the hippie culture. Young people’s messages expressed the desire to live in a better world, with fewer wars, less violence, offering love, flowers and just good thoughts to people around.

The same values we share in our Tucano Coffee family. For us, the famous „Make Love, not War” message has a truly special meaning. It’s the philosophy reflected in our motto: Love.Peace.Coffee.

We want to spread love. We want to inspire and motivate people around us to be more receptive, more kind-hearted. That is why, we invite you on the 1st of July at a party full of love and positive feelings. We invite you to Summer of Love – the Tucano Coffee manifest for peace and love in the world, which will be this summer a leitmotif for everything we do. This party is just the beginning and will serve as a start point to all the events in the Tucano Coffee chain. We’ll also organize some special evenings, meetings, wow touchpoints, hanging outs, love stories and lots of more.   

Therefore, come to our event, teleport yourself, for a few hours, into a cool hippie world. We’ve prepared you the best vinyl music mixed with magic by our friends from Katana, namely by Gonzo. You will be able to take some really sunny and joyful photos because there are some surprises we’ve prepared you.  

Of course, besides these little joys, you’ll be able to relish a looot of Cold Brew Tonic and craft beer to cool a little bit the very first July evening. And be sure to wear flowers in your head, such a famous and beautiful gesture wide spread in the hippie community. Saturday, we’ll do it for sure. Free entry.

For more fun, we decided to try out our new Tucano Coffee Costa Rica terrace (located at the junction of the Pushkin and Bucharest streets). The challenge is to see how many good people can fit on the terrace and this means, that we need your help. It’s a beautiful and lively place, perfect for celebrating love, peace and freedom.

Come on 1st of July, starting from 17:00, at Tucano Coffee Costa Rica, to spend with us a special evening.

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