Summer of Love at Tucano Coffee

Have you ever heard of the San Francisco Summer of Love Festival?

The social phenomenon that lasted all summer of 1967 and gathered almost 100,000 people to celebrate love and freedom. The Hippie Revolution began in this city as a protest movement against the materialistic world and simultaneously spread to dozens of cities in North America.

In that year, the Hippie subculture became recognized and appreciated for the music, art, fashion, style, attitude and values ​​through which the flower-hippie people manifested themselves. Thus it became a new current in the development of other branches of culture.

Every year, Tucano Coffee will celebrate summer and pay tribute to the “Summer of Love” festival. Each location in Romania and Moldova will organize parties, events, masterclasses in a common style, specific to this culture. Become part of this festival, Summer of Love will unite us and turn your summer into a celebration with many positive emotions.

Just imagine how you enjoy a cold lemonade, under Hippie music in dance moves. We have prepared contests, challenges, flash mobs, online and offline seminars. What do you say, still thinking?

To be up to date with all the events, follow the locations in Romania on Instagram – Tucano Coffee Guatemala, Tucano Coffee Copacabana, Tucano Coffee Zimbabwe, Tucano Coffee Ethiopia, Tucano Coffee Madagascar, Tucano Coffee Havana, Tucano Coffee Venezuela, Tucano Coffee Mexico, Tucano Coffee Nicaragua, Tucano Coffee India, Tucano Coffee Indonesia, Tucano Coffee Philippines, Puerto Rico, Tucano Coffee Tanzania, Tucano Coffee Thailand, Tucano Coffee Paraguay, Tucano Coffee Peru, Tucano Coffee Manila, Tucano Coffee Nepal, Tucano Coffee Dominican, Tucano Coffee Australia, Tucano Coffee El Salvador, Tucano Coffee Hawaii and locations in Moldova.

You’re welcome!

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