Summer of Love continues

To be closer to the Summer of Love movement, we’ve decided to organize 4 events that will open wider the door to the hippie culture. The first event from this list happened on July 30th and was dedicated to the passion of traveling, of freedom and the greatness of the Nature. The guests enjoyed the movie “Internal Flight” from Paganel Studio. The movie was nominated a several times for different prizes, and it is so amazing that it gives you goose bumps. It was shot in over 30 countries during 3 years. Its purpose became the reunion with the Nature, and reconsidering your values, but also, finding the answer for questions like “How is the world created?” and “Who am I and what am I doing in this world?”.

Hippie Typography workshop (August 6th)

We invite all the typography fans to a nice workshop held by Radion Cicic, on Sunday, August 6th, at Tucano Coffee Kenya (Chişinău). We will learn the basics of the brush lettering technique, we’ll share each other’s experience and, of course, we’ll have the best time in the world. The price for the workshop is 160 MDL. The price includes all the materials that you will need to work with (so you can keep them after the training). Official Partner: Crafti.
Please, make a registration in advance on the phone number: 060004048, it is mandatory.

Eating like a hippie (12 august)

Celebrating the 50th anniversary from the Summer of Love manifest, it would be opportune to remember not only about the feast, but also, about the lifestyle of hippies. Their world represents a harmony between the environment and Nature – this is what hippie culture is about. Of course, the path to the harmony with the world includes giving up on certain things, that are harmful for nature and humanity itself. And one of the ways to get closer to the environment became the vegetarianism, a trend that was brought by hippies in today’s era of consumerism. Vegetarianism it is not actually a diet, it is a way to oppose the violence, to refuse harming to all living beings.

We invite you to start the purification of your body and soul. Nageena Shiva – is a professional. She started doing Yoga in 1999 and began teaching it from 2002. In 2013, she founded her own Yoga school, and teaches new yoga instructors. On August 12th, we’ll tell you why it is worth the effort to start the purification and how vegetarianism helps you in this process. Moreover, everyone will be able to taste a few goodies and leave with some useful recipes.

Partner Yoga with Igor Babilev (26 august)

Hippie culture has always been focused on loving all living beings, especially those who are closer to us. Igor Babilev will hold a workshop about partner yoga. And you’ll get to know not only some theory, but also you’ll be able to exercise. Partner yoga is practiced often with your beloved one. This way, you’ll reach not only a harmony with yourself, but also, with the world that surrounds you, because you get in touch with the partner.

The purposes of exercising partner yoga are the following:
– developing consciousness
– eliminating psychological barriers in contact with the partner
– Developing trust in your partner
– Elimination of energy bottlenecks

In Partner Yoga it is important not only to listen to your body, but also to learn to listen to your partner, his emotions and feelings. All you need to participate is to wear proper clothes for exercises. The yoga mats are on us. You can enter the workshop for free, but don’t forget to register yourself before at the number 060004048, because the number of places is limited.


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