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Hello, coffee lover!

We are pleased to inform you that you can now order coffee and other goodies online! To check our new online shop click on the link : www.tucanocoffee.com/shop-online/online

Online shopping opportunities are available for Romania and Moldova!

We know you had big vacation plans were scrapped after the quarantine. To brighten the moment, we invite you to travel to the world of tastes and aromas. A fresh roasted coffee will help you with that. You’ll be able to plunge into hot Kenya, sweet Ethiopia, citrus Brazil, and the full colors of Costa Rica.

How to place an order: 

  1. Click here www.tucanocoffee.com/shop-online/
  2. Select your country
  3. Select the item
  4. Enter your data
  5. Select the method of payment
  6. Place the order
  7. Get an order confirmation
  8. Put the water on the boil because the courier is already on the way 🙂
  9. Enjoy your purchase
  10. Leave the feedback
  11. Sign up to receive personal offers.

    The coffee beans you get
    – We roasts on our Roster every week.

         – We roast from light to medium degree on professional equipment PROBAT. 

         – We buy only quality beans from honest suppliers in regions with mild climate and fertile soil.

        – Our baristas are members of the SCAE association.

        – We store grain in ecological packs that can be recycled.

        – The package is provided with a special valve which allows the grain to breathe, and the package design ensures optimal conditions of the product storage.

       -There is no such thing as a minimum order, there is only a subscription that will ensure the endless availability of coffee at home.


Also we have excellent news for Moldova.For you, Tucano Coffee has started the online delivery https://bit.ly/2XWnhs6

So enjoy home comfort, Tucano Coffee will bring whatever you need! 

Don’t forget to turn on the GPS so you don’t get lost in all the tastes on the web page :). 

We’ll keep our distance and see you at online shopping! 

Love. Peace. Coffee. No virus.


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