Shaping the life of Elena Frunze

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Love means sacrifice. By the way, a lot of my works have love as the main subject. I don’t know why, I like it.

I don’t have barriers, that’s why I like what I do. If I am constrained by something – I leave, this is available for everything, for physical, relationships, absolutely everything. I free myself from everything, when it constrains me. If there are constraints I don’t do anything, I can not breathe, I can not create.

My mother told me, that I was born with the right hand forward. And she said “probably you were holding the brush in your hand”, that’s what she told me. I don’t boast, but since childhood I was drawing everything. Seriously. It happened once to me – there were some beautiful tapestry in the room and the phone was hanging on the wall and while I was talking on the phone, I was drawing and when my daddy looked attentively, everything was drawn there.

There was a period in the in the ‘90s when I was sad. I became mature very fastly, it was namely because of that times… it was in the ‘95 when it was really hard to survive, I would say people didn’t have what to eat. I remind myself of that period, just like today’s weather – rainy, wet and muddy. This is how I remind myself of that times. And sad. The ‘90s…

The times? No, I think they’ve changed. I want to tell you, that, actually, everyone is complaining, but we are very happy, we have a lot of things and we have freedom, I feel that I am free, I don’t know why. A thing, that wasn’t before. Or is it me, that I feel free in thinking, in expression, free even in actions. So, if I don’t like it – I turn away and leave. Yes, it is hard too, but it’s not that hard, anyway I feel good. I don’t know, I am always happy.

I accept anything my child would choose. My parents never prohibited me anything. Though, they were severe in something, yes? That I must learn, whatever I learnt, I must do it well. And my grandmother always told me “You must have university education”. She said “whatever your teacher says, you have to listen with your eyes wide open and absorb it like a sponge”.

My husband more than me, sees the beauty really in anything. In simplicity, in things, in people. He sees beautiful things, that’s why he is a writer. I am not that good at words, I am better at doing, at showing, everyone from fine arts is like this. For us everything is simple, we show, sometimes I don’t even need to explain, I only come to show and the student understands me; and I say “do you feel, do you feel the line, the expression?” and they understand me. That is why we gesture so much, do you understand, it’s as if i would shape even the idea and the words.

Everyone is smart and good in his field, even ploughing the fields is an art for me, or preparing some good food, I mean, I respect any domain, any profession, any specialization, because the person that gives his heart and soul, for me is already an art. I am astonished by the people, who do something I can not, but they are also astonished by what I do and I am happy, I absorb all these positive emotions.

If you are a weak person, I think that in any field you would work, you would encounter problems. I never did, I mean I was asked why I chose this profession, but if people see that I like it, anyone who finds out what I do, everyone is astonished and say wow. But we try through our works to bring some messages, first of all, yes? Graphic messages, but also some emotions and feelings. Maybe the person doesn’t understand everything, he sees the things more real, but something attracts him anyways, through its shape, through the colour, and this is how we try to form the aesthetic taste in other people.

I never encountered difficulty in finding a job, the job always found me. And even sometimes I give up on things, that don’t attract me. The artists who don’t have work, or are poorer, hmmm… you can never know what’s in his heart. You can be a poor artist in real life, but to actually be very rich spiritually. I am on average in life, when it was hard to live I was always encouraged by the family and helped. I think, that this is the most important. If the artist, who isn’t doing very well, has a crisis of inspiration, would have a proper support, I think they would manage to overcome the crisis.  

Maybe some are poor just because they don’t want to obey to the market demands, they don’t want to do tasteless works, just to survive; and this is also an approach, that they chose and this is something normal. If I don’t like what I have to do and they ask me “but we give you money,  why don’t you want?”, because I don’t like it. I don’t want to promote the kitch and tasteless works. But this is also a question, what is good and what is bad, what is beautiful and what is ugly. But there are, anyway, some rules, laws, according to which you feel what is beautiful and what is ugly.

My child likes to draw and he draws, probably, better than me. And when he has an emotional problem, I understand it and I see it through his drawings or through his choice of colour. We have to feel this things in our children and we have to know how to manipulate. But not in the meaning of being manipulators, but to lead them in the right direction. I won’t live forever and I perfectly understand, that at a given moment I won’t be able to help him and I don’t know how will he grow up; and all the parents have this fear. I think, that parents should instruct correctly their children, not to prohibit. Let them try. And they, when they will face an important decision in life, they will understand. Will understand – it’s good, not – they will learn on their own mistakes.

I opt, in general, for an untraditional education. I bring up my child without complexes. Because we don’t actually think, when we say to our children “shut up, be silent” what happens in this moment? The child doesn’t understand that it is now, at this very moment, that he has to be silent, but he understands it as in general and he gets afraid to talk. I mean, the parents should also be taught. I say to my child why he shouldn’t talk, we must explain, that “look, now, 5 minutes wait and everything will be alright”.

My motto: everything in life is relative and everything, that is done, is done for the best, because it should be this way. No matter what. This means, that we really have to appreciate any given moment and simply enjoy life. Simply be happy, that we were born, this is it, trust me, this is it, this is the biggest gift, that life gives us.  Nothing matters, money… nothing, nothing, our life!”

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