Say Bee Dee – Let your flag fly free!

To change the world, to be open, full of the energy of a rebel who always looks to the future with one foot in the present are actions that sometimes exhaust you and consume your energy. Remember the hippie culture, the period of the 60s and 70s, the manifesto of rebellious and non-conformist people. The hippie generation promoted the idea of ​​a world without wars. They sang, protested, spoke and realized the values ​​of hippie culture throughout this revolutionary wave.

Time passes faster than 40 years ago, the world is changing now and modernizing in terms of technology that accelerates the pace of life, but we do not forget the main goal and take care of our rebellious soul.

In the pursuit of success and progress, we have begun to face anxiety, one of the diseases of the 21st century that causes us imbalances and leaves us with guns. Over the years, scientists have studied the causes and identified various remedies in the fight against anxiety and after extensive studies have discovered the connection between the vagus nerve and its role in the nervous system.

Here we come with an effective remedy, with the limited edition Say Bee Dee coffee, which helps you manage the flow of positive energy in your body and turn it into constructive energy. It is the beginning of a new revolution against anxiety, a stimulus, and a source of energy that will make you forget about the bad days because the state of peace and balance will be established for a long time in your life.

The drink is made from cold coffee and hemp oil for our guests from the EU and Romania and from hemp flour in the CIS countries. The star ingredient accelerates the body’s metabolic processes, alleviates pain, inflammation and insomnia.

Free yourself from negative experiences and emotions, enjoy the new drink from the limited edition launched by Tucano Coffee – Say Bee Dee will conquer you with the aroma and taste of freedom.

Let your free flag fly!

Order in the Tucano Coffee network starting on March 10, 2021!

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