Sabdariffa Ruby Coffee

Everybody is waiting for the summer for fun till dawn, for the salty sea and the generous sun. But there are times when the heat breaks us down, and we are looking for a wisp of cloud and a refreshing drink.

Do you want something special? Tired of citrus and lemonade standards? We have what you are looking for!

We created the drink you can not confuse with any of this kind. It has an exotic taste, ideal for sunny days, long walks, intimate discussions, hot kisses and sincere hugs. The taste that will make you think: “Yes, I had a perfect summer!”.
The taste, whose balanced combination, promises to become classical.

Try Sabdariffa Ruby – a mix of Arabic coffee beans, hibiscus, sweet notes of strawberries and Goji sour taste. It’s a unique drink that will remind you of the most beautiful moments of the summer.

By the way, did you know that the Goji forest fruits are filled with antioxidants, rich in vitamin A and B, and hibiscus was used by pharaohs in the Ancient Egypt?

Come to us and take your energizing and refreshing drink Sabdariffa Ruby!

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