Romania, hold on! New coffee shops in Bucharest and Arad

We do not stand still. Slowly, but steady, we are conquering the whole world with our Love.Peace.Coffee. philosophy. The list of our coffee shops has been recently completed with 2 new coffee shops.

As a result of the tradition to name every coffee shop after a country or region that is producing coffee, the new coffee shops have obtained the most exotic names: Tucano Coffee Madagascar (Bucharest) and Tucano Coffee Hawaii (Arad).

Tucano Coffee Madagascar
The coffee shop from AFI Palace Cotroceni, Tucano Coffee Madagascar, is located in the business zone AFI Park 4&5, sector 6, Bucharest. It is a nice and comfortable place, different from the other two coffee shops from Bucharest, being placed in a location more detached from the flux of people. Because of this, the coffee shop is just perfect for those who want to work quietly on their laptop, being an oasis of relaxation and inspiration for all those who work in the offices of that business park. Thus, all those people who feel tired of the routine and the office ambiance are waited for some fresh air with coffee flavor at Tucano Coffee Madagascar. Here anyone can find a refuge, to read a book, to have a business meeting or with friends at a society game. The coffee shop with an exotic name which makes you think at a vacation on a distant island or, even better at the animated movie with the same name, it is a space where it is perfectly combined the original and tasty menu with the cozy and friendly ambiance.

Tucano Coffee Hawaii
The second recently opened coffee shop is Tucano Coffee in Arad, Atrium Mall (Calea Aurel Vlaicu, No 10-12). It is our first coffee shop in the Western Romania and in Arad it is the first coffee shop specialized on Speciality Arabica coffee. It is a very important step in promoting the consumption of single-origin coffee and creating a local community of coffee lovers. It is a pretty big responsibility for the Tucano Coffee team, who took the engagement to develop and make popular the philosophy of freshly roasted coffee, from the best regions of the world, to have an important contribution in educating the coffee consumers and offer to the guests a true experience in the coffee cup and during their visit at the coffee shop. In this regard, Tucano Coffee Hawaii team justifies to the fullest its name, being very coloured and really exotic. Here are organized multiple events, live music evenings, coffee tastings prepared with alternative methods, evenings dedicated to society games. Soon, the best parties in Hawaiian style with dances and coloured costumes are going to happen here.

In fact, this is the real meaning of Tucano Coffee, being created to make life more interesting, with coloured days, rich aromas of freshly roasted coffee, with intense and unforgettable weekends spent with our guests.

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