Coffee Tucano support smoke-free campaigns

TucanoCaffe was created out of love with the purpose to make life more interesting, with colored days and rich aromas, with intense and unforgetable week-ends. Is a place where anyone can find e refuge with o book and feel the warmness of those around or spend his time happy and interesting with friends. It is the coffee shop where love for high quality coffee, fresh toasted and flavored, for the exotic countries where coffee grows, for their rich culture and traditions.

But TucanoCoffee is not just a place where you can have a coffee with friends. For us, creators of the concept, it is o whole philosophy. It i the promotion of the values we believe in. It is the will to create an ambient in which our guests can feel harmony and good will, to leave from us with a smile and return with pleasure.

We want our guests, our partners and team members, to become better closer with themselfs and live in harmony.

This way, for the love of our activity and the environment we live in, everything that is beautiful and healthy, TucanoCaffee has become in time a known promoter of family values and the healthy way of life.
We want to succeed through our activity to make a better world. Here is why we stand for a healthy environment that surrounds us. We constantly promote a healthy way of life, a healthy eating and, of course, sports. Also, not to forget pure soul and lighted thoughts.

For these reasons we do not allow smocking. In our coffee shops there i no room for smocking. Coffee is associated with Specialty Arabica aromas freshly cooked and not with tobacco smoke.

It is a principle we have adopted since the begging and we kept it the hole time although we have lost some of our smocking guests.

Since the beginning we declared that smoking is forbidden although many could not imagine how is it to drink a coffee without a cigar. We have demonstrated that it is possible and we would not change our opinion. Visitor warned us that we will lose a lot on the non-smoking fact but in short time after they realized that can feel the true aroma of coffee and find it better and with a lot more taste.

We respect our guests, among which we find children with parents and we want to offer them the possibility to spend time in a comfortable space where it is possible to read o book, work or simply taste a cup of coffee.

We know that tobacco is a product that creates addiction and we do not want to contribute to this.

Smocking is and remains the main cause of death and disease, that could be avoided, being the most known and accepted vice in society. Countless studies demonstrate the bad effects of smoking and also exposure to smoke at home, work or closed public spaces. Exposure to smoke can create multiple diseases such as: bronchitis, lung disease, vascular accidents, strokes, lung cancer, throat, stomach, etc.

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