Pay small, drink big.

There’s nothing like being a student. It marks the period when one first lives on his own in a new place or city, creating lifelong friendships and memories worthy of movie scenarios. But it also marks the time one drinks coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

Because those exams won’t pass themselves. Nor will the sleep go away willingly on a Monday morning. We’ve been students too and know what it’s like. 

The magic potion that goes by the name of ‘coffee’ seems to be the only one who can lend a hand in such busy periods. But the student budget is rarely adapted to the doses of coffee that university life demands. Which is precisely why we’ve created an offer you won’t dare to pass by. 

This fall, grab a bigger thermos when you visit us! Because this fall, students get a big coffee for the price of a small one (say whaaat?!)  Whether you’re a cappuccino aficionado or a latte sipper, you can redeem the offer at your local Tucano Coffee. 

All you have to do is present your student ID card at the cash register And if you’re also up for some cashback, exclusive offers and bonus points, don’t forget to download the Tucano Friends app!

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