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In this frosty month, we’d like to remind our guests that the warm spring days are just around the corner.

Very soon, spring will come with its generous sun that will refresh everything around and make it blossom. But it’s not only about the spring breakthrough; it’s also the month of Love. Looking for inspiration in creating a new drink, I’ve decided to make a deeper research in the culture of coffee producing countries. And everybody knows that Ecuador is one of them. But the fact that Ecuadorians also cultivate a lot of roses is a thing I didn’t know.

One of the most beautiful roses in the world are grown in the foothills of the Andes, at the altitude of 2500 meters. This makes them absolutely compatible with our coffee sorts, which, by the way, are also grown in mountains.

We’ve decided to share with you only positive emotions, so we made roses the main ingredient of our new hot drink. Their smell reminds us of those romantic moments we’ve spent, but also, of home and family. The delicacy of roses, smoothly combined with a mixed espresso shot and the softness of milk, brings on that unforgettable spring feeling. We always stand for using natural products, that’s why, we managed to include in our new drink Pink Ecuador Coffee 100% natural ingredients.

author: Emilia Felcher, chief barista


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