People with mission

Tucano Coffee is not just about coffee.

Tucano is about People. People with passions, with vision, with goals, with their own lifestyle.

About such people is our project PEOPLE WITH MISSION. The brand ambassador of it is the founder of Tucano Coffee, Ruslan Cojocaru.

“The easiest way to find Joy and Peace is to do what you love, what is easy for you and what you succeed. Then everything becomes meaning and then the Energy appears. “

His mission to bring people Love & Peace has led to what is now the Tucano brand – a whole philosophy.



They are people from different fields, with different hobbies and different experiences.

Everyone is united by the MISSION with which they come into life.

So far their experience has been shared by Lilu, Iulian Bercu, Petru Vinari, Andrei Hohlov, Igor Babilev and many others.


Whether it is the journeys that changed their lives and their perception of life, or about passions such as yoga, hiking, running, yachting, crafts, which opened new horizons – there are 200% dedicated people in their work. Someone is passionate about good wines, someone else about a green lifestyle, specialty coffee, someone bakes healthy bread, and someone else creates magic dolls.

WE guess you have wondered yourself (and not just once) what your purpose is or your mission on this Earth. Mission is what you choose to do and not what you were created for. Throughout life, the mission changes and evolves as you evolve.

Follow the agenda of the People with MISSION events on the Tucano Coffee facebook page. Tomorrow you can be the one to tell about your mission!

Each event PEOPLE WITH MISSION has a symbolic participation fee, the money collected is predestined for various social cases.

Pay it forward!



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