Over 22 tons of coffee sold in March

Every month, we come back to our guests and partners to offer an overview of our latest activities. If you are wondering what is the amount of our March sales, how much liters of coffee made our guests happier during last month or how many beautiful friendships we made then, this infographic is for you.

For instance, we became friends with many beautiful people in march. We saw a sale increase up to 2,82% for Moldova and 11,89% for Romania, compared to March 2016.

Speaking of Romania. We are getting close to open a brand new coffee shop in Bucharest, and move the location of an already existing coffee shop from an old place to another. The coffee shop situated on Lipscani street will be settled down in a mall. This will help us find a larger range of guests. And the new coffee shop will be opened in Globalworth Plaza business center.

We also plan to be in Saint Petersburg and Barnaul, Russia, till the end of this summer. There we’ll face a brand new market and one of a kind challenges. But with more details we’ll come back closer to the official openings.

Meanwhile, we dare you to follow how we grow and, why not, give us a piece of advice or just tell us how are you doing.

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