Our June sales (infographic)

On social networks, we see more and more seductive photos with the sunny beach , deep blue sea and super relaxing holiday atmosphere. However, let us not forget about those who have been trapped in the urban working routine. We are here for you, willing and always ready to serve you. We know that you enjoy the short breaks in the shade, enjoying a cool, refreshing drink. During this break, we would like to tell you how June was for us.

We start off on the right foot and open the heading sales with a drink that has already managed to impress and conquer the hearts of our guests. Yeah, it’s about Cold Brew Tonic. We have worked a lot with the whole team to offer you a genuine and qualitative product. We had some sleepless mornings to come up to you with a promotional video. All that had a huge impact. In June, although the official launch was in the second half of the month, we managed to awaken the curiosity of our guests: we sold nearly 1300 Cold Brew Tonic glasses across the chain. July is expected to be even better, we will keep you up to date.

Another good news is that starting off with July 5, Tucano Friends loyalty cards have been brought in, as we have promised, in several coffee shops in Romania. We expect a positive flow for the current month regarding Cold Brew, even though, statistically speaking, the first two months of the summer are the most passive due to the summer season and vacations. By the way, speaking about the holiday departures. They are also massively reflected in the total sales figure. But it’s Ok. All will fall into place. Especially that we are seriously preparing for the end of August, when all holidays will come to an end and more and more guests will step down the threshold of our coffee shops to enjoy an authentic cup of coffee. By the way, we are also working on that, keep an eye on us. All classical coffee lovers will get acquainted with the new Tucano Espresso Mix, a surprise that we have delightfully prepared for you.  Further details will be provided in no time.


The “Like for like” indicator shows our sales evolution in existing coffee shops in both 2017 and 2016 year. It is a comparison of the same locations. Respectively, these statistics do not include coffee shops opened in 2017, because there is no reference point for them in 2016.


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