Our 2016 performances and failures


Even if some of the indicators of 2016 are quite good, we came to the conclusion that we have still a lot of work to do in 2017. That is why we met up and developed a strategy, draw some tables and pasted colored memo stickers everywhere to achieve more results during this year.

Probably, the best summary of this situation was made by the admiral of Tucano Coffee, Ruslan Cojocaru: “Overall, I’m not satisfied with the results of 2016.”

And this is actually challenging, because this year serves as a perfect reason to take a revenge. But we should not forget about all those indicators that went well last year. For example, sales figures that were generated by all our coffee shops increased up to 2.8 million euros, without VAT. And that’s a growth of 35% comparing to 2015.

Take a virtual tour and discover all our projects we have planned for 2017 and those ones we’ve already implemented. Their purpose is to bring more joy and creativity in our guests’ and Partners’ daily life, but also in our big family.

You can download both, Ruslan’s and Andrei’s, presentation here.


Ruslan’s presentation

Marketing 2017 plans (12 jan 2017)




Tucano Coffee Talks, 2016 review (part 1)


Tucano Coffee Talks, 2016 review (part 2)

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