New Tucano Espresso Mix

Imagine, that you have all the time in the world to enjoy the most creamy cappuccino, one sip after another. Or a fantastic latte from Tucano Coffee, mmm, yummy. Or, maybe, you are a fan of a long americano, because you work hard and you like to stretch the pleasure out of coffee. Whatever your choice is, all these beverages are prepared on espresso shots.

This summer, we want to vary the choice of our guests. We prepared you a new Tucano Espresso Mix, that includes only fresh roasted coffee of two single origin: Ethiopia & Brazil. We went for a combination of stable, uniform and balanced flavors and aromas. The Brazil lot happened to be really good, above all expectations. Its coffee beans were processed using the Pulped Natural technique, when the bean is dried in its own peel for a short period of time (to get small tints of fruit) and only after that, it’s extracted. Long story short: tough and difficult is the path of the coffee bean until it gets into our cups. To appreciate the sweet, stable and well-balanced flavour of the new espresso mix, we encourage you to try out, once in a while, a cup of classic coffee, either espresso or americano.

But, we have one more surprise for those who do appreciate the authentic and pure taste of coffee. Starting from now, you can choose out of the two types of espresso. The first one is the mix about we’ve already talked, and the second is based on a fine single origin coffee, made from freshly roasted Costa Rica. And when we say freshly, we do mean it. Because we usually don’t buy huge amounts of coffee, so it can expire in our stores or at the showcases. But we prefer to buy little lots, so we can offer you coffee one at a time, roasting not too much of it, so it could be just perfect for current consumption. In these optimal conditions, we manage to preserve all flavors within the coffee bean.

The first two months we’ll offer you the Tucano Espresso Mix and the single origin coffee – Costa Rica. After this, we plan to bring down coffee beans from another region. What region will it be, you will find out soon.

This is a good way to discover the taste of Arabica Specialty coffee from many regions of the world. And if you taste them one after another, you’ll start being a good coffee connoisseur. And don’t hesitate to have small conversations with our barista. They are the perfect guides, that can take you into the Tucano Coffee world.


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