Tucano Coffee launches a new type of coffee!

Today, Tucano Coffee launches a new type of “Burundi”, coffee with unusual taste and attractive design.

Coffee beans are processed and cleaned at the Mutsinda washing station in Kayanza, Burundi. Here, farmers have small plantations, territories of almost half a hectare where they also grow bananas, beans and other grains later exposed for sale.

The Mutsinda washing station is unique and only here are the coffee beans delivered and processed, which are then sold by farmers. The station is a direct source of income for farmers and the most affordable way to sell their products.

The name of Burundi coffee has its origins in the place where it was planted. The coffee beans grown in this area have a dense taste, pronounced acidity and sweet fig taste.

Since July, you can find coffee in all Tucano Coffee locations in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

And for any payment with the Tucano Friends application, you benefit from cashback for any payment that turns into bonuses.

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