Mystery Guest – the ambassador of quality

After you watch “The Founder”, a movie based on a true story about one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, you’re like: “wow, amazing how much the quality control means”. How important it is to be passionate, persistent and to daydream, even though there is a controversial background of the movie.

Meanwhile, unrelated to the movie, we have run our new Mystery Guest project, because we want to grow the quality of products and service in our coffee shops, but also grow our guests’ satisfaction.

But what does the quality actually mean? It’s everything that involves the product appeal, the way your drink is served and the way you are greeted. It’s a braiding made of colours, that form a spectrum, a whole. For us this is what real quality standards means :).

The Mystery Guest project has just been launched, in April, on www.tucanorate.com. It will be very useful in keeping our hand on the pulse, in both meanings, literal and figurative. We’ll do our best to take in consideration all the standards, both at the kitchen and in the communication with the guests.

who can become a Mystery Guest and what it actually means

Anyone can become a Mystery Guest, especially those who like to have a delicious meal in a coffee shop, enjoy the flavour of a specialty coffee and get relaxed on a comfortable sofa – all this being on us. For real! And all we want in return is an effort made by you, completing our survey.

To become a Mystery Guest you need to be honest, impartial, responsible, careful to details, well organized and have a good memory.

Become an ambassador of quality, because this sounds so greaaaat. Visit www.tucanocontrol.com to find out more about our new Mystery Guest project.


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