Motueka Coffee – a fresh sip from New Zealand

It’s time to surprise again our guests with something special.
This time it’s a new ethnic beverage, the third in the row – Motueka Coffee.

This summer was a really hot one and we decided to attenuate it with something juicy, cooling and with a refreshing taste of berries. But, the berry beverages often remind us of a simple berry juice, that’s why, to vary our new beverage we decided to add something spicy and interesting and the first combination, that came to our mind was the one with black pepper. Though, it seemed too little to us and we added some laurel leaves too. The black currant is synergic with coffee and highlights the notes of berries in it, the laurel leaf seasons it and gives freshness and the black pepper – adds a bit of spice. All these together form an ethnic mix.
Motueka Coffee ethno

We dedicated this beverage to a small region in New Zealand – Motueka, where the black currant is grown with a lot of love and care, where there are a lot of green fields and hills and where the culture of maori blossoms.

And if you ever ask yourself how close is the culture of coffee to New Zealand, you should know, that in the top of consumption of coffee per capita – New Zealand is before USA. Furthermore, New Zealand is the one, who invented the flat white and it is considered, that namely here you can find one of the best coffees in the world. Strange, but true, this happens because the local people discovered the taste of this beverage a bit later, than our european ancestors and so, they took what’s best from the oldies and revived the tradition of coffee into a new one, adapted to the new times and tastes, becoming a leading player on the market of the culture of coffee.

We remind you that the range of “ethnic beverages” is dedicated to the countries, that grow coffee and to the unordinary cultures of the South. As well as the special customs, so is the taste of these ethnic beverages, which blend less ordinary mixed ingredients, but which reflect the intense taste and life of these regions.


Motueka Coffee - how to

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