Mint & Spinach Dessert

Imagine how happy would Popeye the Sailor Man be if he could try even a little tiny piece of our new dessert. We now declare the green season officially open. 🙂

Why did we choose spinach? First of all, because it’s a spring plant, and second, because we wanted to indulge our guests with a seasonal, but healthy dessert. About the superpowers of spinach we all are aware. It’s a powerful antioxidant, it increases the immunity and provides us the necessary dose of iron and so on.

We’re sure you are asking yourselves: what does it tastes like? Well, it’s a pancake dessert which will convince you that healthy food may taste amazingly. We dare you to try its delicate and fine taste, because it’s a new sweet, but new at Tucano Coffee means by default delicious.

You’ll love this beautiful, but natural green color, obtained from fresh spinach leaves. You’ll also discover a refreshing taste of mint, mixed yogurt cream and some blackcurrant.


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