The Urbanism of Mihai Fusu

”You understand, how interesting it comes… the young generations consider, that they invented the modernity, it always happens like this. Me, for example, when I was smaller, I thought, that I invented the word mommy, because everyone around was saying mother, but I invented the word mommy, you understand?

How does it come, I was asking myself, that no child on this planet had ever thought about it before me? Why I was thinking like this, it was because I first enunciated it, do you understand? I invested in it love, I invested in it enthusiasm for my mother and I said mommy; and I truly believed, that I invented it.

So, that’s what happens with the generations who do whatever. I studied at Moscow, where was every every everything, where I “charged” myself. So, you can understand, I landed after Moscow in patriarchal Chișinău and of course I thought, that before me here was nothing.  

Afterwards, discussing, getting into, I discovered a generation, that is disappearing now, a generation of intellectuals, artists, that were born in the interbelic period, the period of the Kingdom. And they came, started a soviet life, after the war, but still with germs, emotions, with a feeling… Something, that came from the Kingdom, which was still mmm… do you understand?

Then, the 60s gave birth to another generation of modern intellectuality, the 60s among which were my parents… After the death of my father I decided to visit people, that knew him. And they told me about the Chișinău of the 60s, which was an E X T R A oridinary modern, cosmopolitan city.

And you understand, this Chișinău has always had an unequal development, it had peaks of modernity, depending on different influences. And now, coming back to the elites, there actually doesn’t exist such a thing as our generation, does it? Actually, the elites, they are transgenerational.

There was a book of a polish intellectual, he was comparing to terms – the originality and the authenticity. Everyone wants to be, nowadays, original, but if you seek to be original, you will never be authentic, while if you are authentic, you will compulsory be original too, do you understand? This is what I think beauty is, the beauty means the authenticity.

I would argue… what does elite mean? The elite is the forehead, isn’t it? The elite is the example, of course it is! Elite, no? E l i t e. And now, it has to be seen. The flag can’t be hidden, dears. The hymn can’t be kept still, the hymn has to be heard, the flag has to be seen. If it isn’t seen and it isn’t known, it isn’t elite. Logically. It can be otherwise… It can be, that someone writes poems secretly, puts his photographs in a case and he isn’t known. Until someone discovers him, even after death, but he becomes elite post-factum, because he is embodied by all of us, he becomes a common value.

The person has to be seen and heard, do you understand? Because this is modern! We don’t live in the Middle Age anymore, when everyone was the God’s servant and you shouldn’t have to be seen or heard. People were trembling with fear and they didn’t exist, do you understand? But the modern life is based on individualities.

Excuse me, that I speak so toughly… You know, I am a very positive and kind-hearted person, but I just have such a style… do you understand? Such as I would like to see in all moldovans! I don’t like to see people, that don’t have a personal opinion. No way, buddy,  you have to know what you want!

We don’t have people passionate about their work, because the individuality is formed out of the profession, the person identifies himself with the profession, the profession is the second me, and we don’t have this. And this is one of the biggest tragedies of Moldova and as long as people won’t understand, that the profession is the spine of the individuality and society, we will come back again and again to the primitive society, where matters what? The family?

I respect the family, but we see it from a patriarchal and mafia like point of view. There is the mate, the clan, we have to promote them. To have a house, a car, to take children to that activities, do you understand? This is the happiness! We live with the little happiness of the family, we don’t live with the happiness of the society.

We don’t master our own country, we don’t believe, that we can do something in our country, we don’t know how. We don’t have a concept of social existence, that pyramide, the structure, we don’t know what society means. Therefrom the lack of elites, because we don’t provide them, we don’t give birth to them, because we don’t know what to do with them.

Another thing, that happened after the 90s – the urban population has gone and another population has come, the rural one. And it came massive, in such a huge quantity, that they somehow changed the game rules and built a lot of so-called sheds near the house, seed onions, grow chickens, do you understand? We couldn’t defend the urbanism. And this way the urbanism disappeared and the villages died too.

What’s the matter with this Chișinău? We have to develop it and at a given moment it will start emanate. You have to rely on a ready concept, which is in the air of Chișinău, its will to be a city. If we don’t have a city, we won’t have urban elites. We will stay like this, like a garbage, which is blown by the wind or is just like a boat without paddles. We need to have an urban elite, which will express some existential principles and clear rules and then, there won’t be corruption and then, it will be a shame to be corrupt.

I am now talking aloud to hear myself, what I think. Like I was once told by Ion Ungureanu: “Guys, think before you say, you are just like that old dames, which in order to know what they think, they have to say it aloud.” And so am I, if I say it aloud, I already know what I think.

Coming back to the courage of saying, because if you don’t say, you know, the cleverness is linked to the courage. For example, a very clever man, if he keeps silent and doesn’t dare to say what he thinks, he will be considered as dumb and step by step he will lose his self-confidence and won’t dare to think anymore. Do you understand, how interesting it is how the cowardice reduces your IQ and contrariwise, someone courageous, who says, fails, says again, rises his IQ. And at a given moment, a society that talks and expresses ideas in common becomes clever. This means a modern nation.

About me? But what can I tell you about me? I, for example, am proud the most about the thing that I am the most ashamed with…

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