Mastering stunning Alternative Brewing

I often hear that coffee acidity at Tucano is too high. Yes, it is. We have been trying for a long time to change the culture of coffee consumption. In Romania and Russia, there are already many specialty coffee shops which we share the same mission with. We are having a quite bad situation in the Republic of Moldova in this chapter, and that remains one of the problems we face.

The sweet, sour flavor, with notes of citrus, balanced, is specific to high-quality Arabic beans, especially when it’s medium fried. About 10-15 years ago, so was the wine. Many liked it sweet, with a pronounced taste of alcohol. Over time, but also with the effort of many producers, the situation has changed and there is already a completely different culture of wine.

We continue to buy only green, selective grains, with a minimum score of 80 out of 100, from our partners in the Netherlands and Spain. We roast them in Chisinau, at our own roastery, keeping the taste and fine aroma – from which we then prepare the coffee, at maximum 30-45 days after roasting. Our mix is represented by Brazil with 2/3 and 1/3 Ethiopia. Periodically, we send samples to our consultant from Moscow. He has been consulting us since Tucano Coffee had only a few coffee shops in Chisinau and is one of the best experts in Eastern Europe. We run away from industrially prepared syrups, as addition to coffee and use only “home” and “fresh” made ones.

We promote alternative coffee-making methods, where the flavor and the taste open at their best – Chemex, Pour Over and Aeropress. The machine is just as important as the beans. We have an espresso machine “La Marzzocco” hand-assembled in Florence, “Malkoning” or “Mazzer” grinding machine. But the most important in this process is the Barista, who must detect the fine shades of taste when setting the grinders in the morning or when the humidity of the air changes, and of course our Guests – who enjoy the flavor of every special cup of coffee. Peace and Love: these are the two key ingredients that make coffee so remarkable for Tucano Coffee.

About all this, we decided not only to tell you, but also to show you. It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, is not it? We will organize two master classes in Chisinau and Bucharest with a limited number of places. You will have access to the back of the bar, enjoy the most special coffee drinks, and of course, you will receive a lot of Love.

What’s the price? Just an honest review on Tucano Coffee, where you will write your impressions.

All guests can access this event in order to get registered for Chisinau and this one for Bucharest.

See you soon!
Love & Peace

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