Marocchino cheesecake

– Would you like a cup of coffee?
– Yes, 2 slices of Marocchino, please 🙂

It’s an enormous job to create a tasty product, both for my taste and for the guests. While thinking about it, I imagine how I would want it to look like, then I begin to experiment, and here is the most interesting part of the process.

Listening to chill music, the magic of creation begins.

The concept for Marocchino has been tested 6 times in order to reach the initial thought.

Why did we choose this flavor? Because we wanted to infiltrate the coffee aroma in our deserts. The décor part seems to be the most complicated because we have an important mission for it – to be attractive, simple, delicious, colorful and thematic.

The result? Fantastic, do you agree?
We hope you appreciate it at the right value and get great pleasure by enjoying it.


Bon appetit,
Irina Urescu
Sweets Master

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