Love Story: the lipstick on the edge of the glass

Cristina & Andrei


Summer of Love continues. First of all, this manifest is a real celebration of Love – a feeling that may be born from a spark and able to be there with you a lifetime. No matter how dramatic, less mutual, secret, with a happy ending or famous worldwide, love is, and it will always be, the purest feeling. Further we want to tell you a sweet love story happened in Chisinau, between Andrei and Cristina. They had their first date having a coffee, but afterwards, they’ve kept the coffee cups as the symbol of their love and even had sparkling wine in them.

the first date, the first break up

With their eyes sparkling, Cristina and Andrei told us about their romantic story. Everything began with a coffee. At first, Andrei found out that Cristina enjoys coffee a lot and appointed the first date at Tucano Coffee Brazil. After spending those very emotional moments of the first date, Andrei decided to keep the „to go” cups, so that Cristina couldn’t notice. After only a week, their love affair seemed to be over. Cristina already had her luggage done and was leaving the country forever.

Maybe, if there has been someone else in Andrei’s place, that someone would have left Cristina go her way. But not Andrei. He never stopped thinking about the day, when he and his love will drink some sparkling wine at their wedding from these cups. This was his plan. This is what he really wanted. That is why Andrei continued to write her, and even wanted to go after her, abroad.

“I was already abroad when I got that photo with 2 coffee cups. One of it, was still having my lipstick mark on it” remembers Cristina. “It was strange and confusing. At first, I was worried about his insistence. After a while I understood that Andrei was absolutely in love with me. I didn’t resist even a week and came back because I was missing him. I let our relationship go natural and end up beautifully in a happy marriage.”

where did the coffee cups disappear?

On the 8th of June, Andrei’s plan has finally become reality. They were already having their sparkling wine from those coffee cups, as Andrei had planned. But this plan was at a step away from failing. When he was presenting to the guests the story of these cups, Andrei’s mom remembered how close she was  from throwing them away, once, when Andrei wasn’t home.

Though, they were thrown in the end. Exactly in the trash bin. Exactly when the lovers were saying the vow. One of the waiters thought that it would be appropriate to throw them away. Andrei noticed that the cups were gone. He was so worried. “In 1 second I was already near the waiter and saying him very seriously: you have only 30 seconds to bring back the coffee cups.”

But the adventure of the coffee cups went further. Andrei assured us he’ll keep them all his life. They’ve decided to design a special frame for the cups, and after a lot of years, their children or even grandchildren will find out why these cups are so special and what they have to do with Andrei’s and Cristina’s love story.

the secret of happiness

We really wanted to find out what is their secret of happiness, because they both were glowing from so much love. At first, Andrei was against this and joked: “Well, if it’s our secret how can we disclose it?”.

“I’ll tell you our secret, after all. The truth is that when you’re in a relationship, you should enjoy the most of it, but you still need to offer the partner some space, some freedom. As far as you stay away of strangling your partner, he can enjoy his little time. As for us, we sometimes feel the need to go out separately. To spend some time with our close friends or to spend some time with ourselves.” The idea is simple: to enjoy your love, offer your beloved one some freedom, it will help a lot.  

And remember, this summer, at Tucano Coffee you’ll find a lot of love, because it’s Summer of Love.

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