Indian Summer

India – a wonderful, colourful and diverse country, with a unique culture and traditions. It hase become famous thanks to its wide range of spices and cashmere, but few of us know that India  is one of the giant coffee growers, being on the 6th place on the global market.  

Discover a part of India in our new ethnic beverage – Indian Summer, which is based on almond milk.

Everyone already knows that 20-40% of Indians are vegetarians. However, we went further with our Iced Turmeric Coffee beverage and made it ideal for vegans.

Turmeric – a bright Indian spice, but appears to be insufficient to express even a part of this exotic Asian country. That’s why, we added some citrus notes, to match the spices flavor and to give us that fresh feeling.
Of course, we didn’t forget about coffee, because it warms our hearts, even if Indian Summer is a cold drink.

Thanks to our friends from Roata Tatuată for completing perfectly the Indian look.

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