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Sooner or later, every beginner barista wonders where to get more information about coffee and how to find truthful sources among a huge number of articles on the Internet.

People have been interested in the coffee theme for a very long time, but there is a lot of information about coffee at the level of amateur housewives that have nothing to do with reality. Therefore, a true specialist must have correct and relevant information from the very beginning.

I have prepared a list of references and sites that I use and recommend to all baristas, regardless of experience.


“The World Atlas of Coffee” by James Hoffmann

The book is very useful to those interested in coffee and who work with coffee. A special place in the book is intended to describe each country producing coffee. There is already a second reprint of the book, but the first edition is still actual.
“The Professional Barista’s Handbook: An Expert Guide to Preparing Espresso, Coffee, and Tea” – Scott Rao

The book is older, some information is outdated, but remains a good guide to preparing a genuine espresso.
“The Coffee Dictionary: An A-Z of Coffee, From Growing & Roasting to Brewing & Tasting” – Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

The book will be interesting first and foremost for beginners, providing definitions for all coffee terms, as can be understood from the title itself:)
“Everything but Espresso” – Scott Rao

Another book by Scott Rao, this time – about the coffee filter.


The largest informational portal, many scientific and educational articles, available in English and Spanish. If you do not know English, then Perfect Daily Grind is an excellent opportunity to learn.

James Hoffmann’s blog “The world coffee atlas” – by the way, blog articles can be read in the book “The Best of Jimseven 2004 – 2015”

Scott Rao’s Blog – Many research and a progressive view of the coffee industry.

Blog of Australian coffee enthusiasts, who for several years acquired the status of a cult.

Café Imports is a renowned green coffee supplier who has a lot of useful information about coffee on the site.

James Hoffmann’s YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel of the “Cat and Cloud” owner

I think there are enough sources, for now, have a pleasant reading!

Dionis Macrii

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