Love is MAGIC!

Love is magic and it’s hard to define it in words. It is a beautiful feeling that gives you wings, inspires you and rediscovers you.

When you love and are loved, every day is special, but we will help you make the days different and unique, namely through the emotions you will give to your loved one. On Valentine’s Day, we have prepared a set of gifts for your partner that you can personalize.

If your partner is passionate about discovering select coffee flavors then you can choose the limited edition Guatemala San Marcos coffee beans and the high quality organic Honduras coffee beans. On cold winter days you can give him an eco thermo cup, so you will make sure it is warm not only in his soul.

And for organic tea lovers you can choose from the diversity of tastes offered by Tucano Coffee. These gifts can be perfectly complemented with a Tucano voucher.

Select the right set from our list and come to our locations to pack them nicely and lovingly.

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