First virtual tour to Tucano Coffee Roastery

Flavors… How much color they bring in our lives? Especially, when we need a break or catch our breath from the routine. Coffee flavor is one of our most favorite joys. When we look for inspiration, start something big or when we need a respite, in these moments, we enjoy a cup of coffee. And I am sure, you often ask yourselves, how is coffee prepared?

I welcome you behind the Tucano Coffee scene, where you’ll discover that magic place where we roast our Specialty Arabica. And yes, you’re totally right. The only one professional Roastery in Moldova, was created by Tucano Coffee.

Here, at the Roastery, we stick severe to our recipes, we dose the right proportions, take care about time and push the buttons only when needed. All this, to obtain an excellent roasted and flavored coffee beans, that meets the quality of Arabica Specialty.
Top facts you should know about coffee roast:
– perfectly, we roast our coffee up to 15 minutes, beacuse we stick to the light-medium roast standards,
– coffee beans are roasted because of the Roaster’s heat, but they are roasted also when they touch each other,
– we roast our coffee beans at the temperature that doesn’t exceed 220 oC,
– there are 4 most popular sorts of Specialty Arabica coffee:
Costa-Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil and Kenya.

We need to be extremely accurate with the proportions of green coffee beans.


This is how the only one professional Roastery from Moldova looks like. By the way, it is not cheap.
Such a german beauty, called Probat, can cost you about 40 000 euros.


Too bad photos can’t express this smell or flavor of coffee beans. It’s a new batch of fresh roasted coffee. See? The blue stuff is the flavor.


Our eyes are always on these buttons and indicators.


Just a second. After they were roasted, the coffee should be well mixed. First of all, it helps to avoid the sticking of the beans and second, it helps to stop the roast, that can continue even when the beans are out of the Roaster.


Well mixed and cooled coffee beans are poured into another pot.


A closer look.


Soon, fresh roasted coffee beans will be packed and ready for the journey, with final destination in our cups of coffee. Mmm…

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